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We're a small team of dedicated specialists with a passion to deliver awesome solutions that will change the way you live & work.

Software Development

We go beyond the lines of code to make your vision a reality. From tracking of inventory and people, smartcard solutions, kiosk development to anything else, tell us your story & we'll tell you how we can make it happen.

Mobile Apps

We believe that mobile apps should be simple, smart & brings a smile to its user's face. Ultimately, change the way a brand's customers & employees live & work. Let us bring you to the moon & back, if that excites you.

iBeacon Solutions

Knowing where your customers are in the store sounds awesome. But being able to communicate with them as they pass by your store, from a simple hello to a quick reminder that they are out of bread? Now, that's a revolution.


Here are some of our featured industry solutions. We are definitely open to exploring new ideas & solutions with you. Talk to us, we're all ears :)

Access Control

Access Control

Smartcard Solution

We can add value to access control system by integrating your back end system seamlessly to the access control system to simplify card issuance and management process.

Casino & Club

Casino & Club

Membership Card Solution

Our solution starts from card printing & personalization and stretches all the way to back end integration and frontline operation support for payment, redemption, rewards etc using point of sales terminal.



ID Badging Solution

We have experience in issuance of in-campus smart cards for simple to complex applications. In addition, we are able to provide additional functionalities by integration the card for library ID, access control, copier metering and others.



Secure ID & Licenses

We have considerable expertise in providing secure card applications that can be scaled to a wide geographical area safely. We have worked on projects for using contact and contactless card for border control, immigration, secure remote sign-on etc.

Our team skills. Ultimately, the things we bury ourselves into all day and night.



Bleamm's beacon platform allows you to create, connect and deliver personal & value-driven content to your target audience through location experiences. From pushing out a welcome message when customers enter your store, indoor navigation to help them find an item, automated check-in for promotion redemption to contactless payment at the counter, our solution is possibly the future of customer engagement.

Personalised Offers

Auto Check In

Contactless Payments

Push Out Messages

Auto Display Data

Navigation Aids

Questions? Here are the answers

What is iBeacon?

iBeacon is Apple's implementation of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology to create a different way of providing location-based information and services to smartphones.

iBeacon works with iPhone 4s or later, iPad (third generation and onwards) iPad mini and iPod touch (fifth generation or later). It's worth noting the same BLE technology is also compatible with Android 4.3. and above.

How does it work?

The beacons themselves are small, low cost Bluetooth transmitters. Apps installed on a smartphone listen out for the signal transmitted by these beacons and respond accordingly when the phone comes into range.

The brand, retailer or app is then able to deliver a form of interaction to its customers - a message, a coupon, additional product information, etc. - based on their location and proximity to a beacon.

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Millions of iOS and Android devices are able to communicate with iBeacons, making them an awesome tool for many real-world applications.

Millions of iOS and Android devices are able to communicate with beacons, making them an awesome tool for many real-world applications.


From welcome messages and in-store coupons delivered via beacons to customer phones, to collecting data to run loyalty programs, retailers are the first obvious market for beacons. Retailers can even entice customers with promo messages to enter the store as they walk past.


Provide navigation aids on large campuses, verify attendance in a classroom, deliver policies and information to visitors, locate students in a building and allow teachers to broadcast information related to their classes.


Allow patients to schedule appointments and check in when they are in the lobby. Nurses can see a full list of those who've checked in and how long they've been waiting. And by placing beacons around a hospital, navigation, information and guidance can be delivered to guests & visitors.


Enhance attendees' experience with gamification. From visiting different booths to earn point, to scavenger hunts, interactivity will reach new levels. Beacons can also deliver relevant information and allow attendees & exhibitors to exchange information immediately.


Provide a virtual concierge accessible from anywhere on the property, offer expedited check-in and check-out, deliver information on amenities, and help guests explore the points of interest within and around the hotel/resort.


Other than a navigation aid, beacons stationed at each item could offer additional information and content provided, but in a way that still allows visitors to take their own path through the space or linger at a specific exhibit.


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